Here is what people are saying about The Gift.

Working through this course is life altering. We have all done work on ourselves over the years, but I appreciated having a plan of action over a period of time. My outlook for the future is much more positive.
— Shelli Wilmshurst - The Gift for Adults Course
My daughter has been blessed with the opportunity to participate in two consecutive years of the Gift Summer Camp and has enjoyed it thoroughly. I love that this camp enhances children’s emotional development, through nature, art and games. I adore that aspects that she has discovered through her camp experience continue to grace our family life such as positive affirmations. It truly is a “Gift” to have opportunities that build love, gratitude, humility, compassion and mindfulness in our children. I highly recommend this camp; your child(ren) will delight in this program as they delve into self awareness and the power of positivity.
— Janet Thompson- Camp Parent
I think this course should be taught to all high school students! It is a great, thought provoking and inspiring course. Leslie, you are a true inspiration! From your kind and gentle demeanor, to your funny sense of humor. You honour and respect each of us as individuals and accept whatever thoughts or issues come up.
— Margie - The Gift for Adults Course
Maya loved her experience in the camp and still speaks of it so fondly. She was 9 going on 10 at the time and facing a challenging time personally with friends behaving oddly as girls do around that age. She had a very challenging end to the school year. In the summer and particularly as a direct result of the gift she developed poise, confidence and tremendous tools and in we strength to deal with the challenges she was facing. She has grown so much this year and while the behaviour around her remained challenging all year she has dealt with it amazingly. I attribute so much of that to her experienced in the camp. She continues to use the empowering thoughts and languages almost every day. In fact as I had some challenges she made me a positive affirmation box for Xmas.
— Aly Kachra- Camp Parent
Our children are the best future investment. The Gift For Kids Summer Camp brings important life altering skills in such a playful and positive way, my two boys absolutely enjoyed It! They continue to use the fun tools they created to shift their emotions anytime in need. Two thumps up...highly recommended!
Thank you Leslie
— Denise De Sousa- Camp Parent
The whole thing was amazing hard to put into words but it was amazing and great and all kids should take the course.
— Tyler/Age 9- The Gift for Kids Course
Leslie’s course really changed me.
— Maya/Age 9
I learned the foundations for a joyful, fulfilled life. Life is meant to be fun. I feel uplifted, happy. I have really changed, I have evolved as a person, and I am happier for it.
— France Fontana Hart- The Gift for Adults Course