Welcome & thank you for taking time to learn about The Gift.

The Gift is right for you if;

1. You are ready to focus on yourself and make real, positive change in your life.

2. You have a desire to be more loving and nurturing towards yourself and others.

3. You are ready to see the beauty in who you are and get to the roots of self-limiting behaviours.

4. You are excited to live a less cluttered and more inspired life.

5. You are willing to expand your self awareness.

6. You are open to experiencing more presence and joy in your daily life.

What is The Gift?

The Gift is a 10 week series that was created to help people truly understand that they have the power within them to create a loving, rich and rewarding life. Through our thoughts and emotions we are using this power every day, even when we are not aware of it.

The Gift is based on the belief that each moment, we are either moving towards love and growth or fear and protection and it is designed to guide people through the clutter and confusion to find their way back to their hearts, their true nature. When we operate from a place of love and growth we free up our energy and build inspired lives.

The Gift is not complicated. It is simple, profound and practical:

  • It teaches a true understanding of the universal laws and how we operate within them.    

  • It creates clarity on where it is we want to go and designs a plan of action on how to get there.

  • It provides support and accountability every step of the way.


How will I benefit?

Week by week, The Gift gives you the map, the tools and the support you need to make real, positive change.      

By the end of 10 weeks you will;

  • Have a new way of thinking and being that supports your growth.

  • Have anchored in daily habits that keep you calm, focused and connected.

  • Be taking daily action that is aligned with your vision.

  • Know how to support yourself when you get off track.

  • Have a gentleness and compassion towards yourself that you can tap into at any moment.

  • Believe in yourself and your abilities.

  • Feel empowered, inspired and excited about your life and all you have to offer.

Course Outline

Week #1:       Life is a Field of Unlimited Possibilities.

Week#2:        We are the Creators of our Lives.

Week#3:        Bringing your Vision to Life.

Week#4:        Building Beautiful Beliefs.

Week#5:        Love and Nurturing.

Week#6:        Goal Setting and Taking Action.

Week#7:        Situations and Solutions.

Week#8:        Enlightened Eating.

Week#9:        Enjoying the Journey.

Week#10:      Celebrating and Moving Forward.